The Farm

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) are new and unique way of fish farming. Instead of the traditional method of outdoor fish farming in ponds and dams, the fish is grown at high density in closed water reservoirs with a controlled environment. The technology used by ELMET Ltd. for the water recirculation in the farm is based on a completely closed production environment.

In the recirculation principle of work, large amounts of water are saved at the expense of its multiple use. Full control of the thermal and hydro-chemical regime as well as the health of the fish is carried out. The production cycle is year-round. Last but not least, there is control over waste products and environmental protection. The harvesting material is imported from a farm in the Netherlands and is accompanied by the necessary certificates. Quality food that ensures fast growth and optimum weight of the African catfish /Clarias gariepinus/ is also delivered from the Netherlands. There are no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in its content.


Fishfarm Clarias inside view